Our Services

We provide pregnancy confirmation and, for qualified clients, limited obstetrical ultrasound.

Pregnancy Tests

If you think you might be pregnant and are showing pregnancy symptoms, come see us for a free pregnancy test. No appointment necessary.


Schedule an appointment with our licensed OB/GYN or Sonographer for a limited Ultra Sound of your baby.

What a limited ultra sounds includes: Location of baby to confirm baby is in uterus, heartbeat, size & gestation (how far along you are)
(No video recorders or cameras allowed in room during ultrasound)

Options Counseling

Our compassionate mentors accurately discuss all of your options. This includes parenting, adoption and abortion.

Parenting Classes

Learn the skills you need with other young moms and dads and earn credit towards brand new baby items from our boutique. No pre-registration or appointment necessary. Classes are held every Thursday 5:00pm (pre-natal) and 6:15pm (parenting/life skills).

Post-Abortive Recovery Group

Are you suffering emotionally because of a previous abortion? Our 8 week course can help you find healing. For more information please call the center at 480-374-2994.

Resources & Referrals

PCC can assist you by providing information on AHCCCS, doctors, food assistance, shelters, and various other resources. Call or stop by for more information.

An AHCCCS representative is in our Chandler office on Tuesday afternoons. Please call for an appointment 480-374-2994